Stable release

The most likely form in which you want to download NEdit is in binary form, which means that you can run the editor after installing. We recommend that you install one of our binaries if one is available for your system and you have no pressing reason to build NEdit for yourself. The current stable release is NEdit 5.5. You can download binaries for various platforms from one of several mirrors. Please choose the one closest to you.

We have received some remarks about FTP downloads not working. While we can’t verify this, we do see failed FTP PORT commands on a regular basis. These are normally caused by faulty NAT (network address translation). To avoid this problem, you have two options:

  • fix your NAT solution to correctly handle FTP connection tracking
  • use passive ftp

Normally speaking browsers are set up to use passive ftp, so downloading with your browser shoud work without any problems.

Previous releases

Older versions of NEdit are also available through our mirrors.