Nedit or the Nirvana editor is designed as a text editor and also a source code editor. It was mainly created for use on the X Window System, which is a computer network system that is mainly used for GUI (Graphic User Interface). GUI is the feature of computers that allows us to use them and control them based on what we see on the screen. This can be demonstrated by the way that we click on a link or a button on the screen display in order for a computer to perform a certain function. That is opposed to the way that older computers were used, in which a user would have to type in a command and wait for the computer to respond.
Nedit has certain features that make it ideal for programming. For example it has syntax features based on several computer languages and that makes it easier to use than other text editors. It was initially created on a Unix platform but it can also be used on other platforms that are currently available.
This is a very powerful tool that can be used by both amateur and professional programmers. We have created nedit.org in order to help others become more familiar with this powerful and useful tool.
You can discover a great deal of information on our site about how useful this tool can be for you. We don’t stop there however. We are also sharing how other text editors can also be used. How they can be utilized for designing and in creating websites and their uses in fields other than web designing.
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